Cristina Popovici

Cristina Popovici
Ph.D., Carnegie Mellon University (2005)

Department of Mathematics and Statistics
Loyola University Chicago
1032 W. Sheridan Road
Chicago, IL 60660 U.S.A.

E-mail: cpopovici at

Office: BVM Hall 616              Phone: (773) 508-3581

Ph.D. in Mathematical Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University, April 2005
Ph.D. Thesis: Coupled Singular Perturbations and Homogenization in Phase Transitions

M.Sc. in Mathematical Sciences, Carnegie Mellon University, December 2000

B. Sc. in Mathematical Sciences, University of Craiova, Romania, June 1997
B. Sc. Thesis: Hahn-Banach Type Theorems in Functional Analysis


MATH 118-008 Precalculus II

MATH 118-010 Precalculus II
MATH 131-002 Applied Calculus I
MATH 131-003 Applied Calculus I


Coupled Singular Perturbations and Homogenization in Phase Transitions, Ph.D. Thesis, Carnegie Mellon University

A Homogenization Result in the Gradient Theory of Phase Transitions. CNA Report 05-CNA-009, Center for Nonlinear Analysis, Carnegie Mellon University (2005), pp. 1-32. (with I. Fonseca)

Coupled singular perturbations for phase transitions. Asymptotic Analysis Vol. 44 No. 3-4 (2005), pp. 299-325 (with I. Fonseca)

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On the asymptotic behavior of variable exponent power-law functionals and applications. Ricerche di Matematica Vol. 59 No. 2 (2010), pp. 207-238. (with M. Bocea and M. Mihailescu)

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