Aaron Lauve’s

MATH 161.001 – Spring 2012

Calculus I for Math and Science Majors

This course uses MyMathLab for homework assignments and recording grades.

Course Information
Class Times & Location
Mon/Wed/Fri 8:30--10:10 a.m., Dumbach Hall, Room 230

Spring 2018 Office Hours
(108) Tuesday, BVM 507 08:45–09:45
(LinAlg Lab) Tuesday, Dumbach 238 16:00–17:00
(108/212) Wednesday, BVM 507 09:00–11:00
Ground Rules, Resources, Etc.
In the ground rules (“syllabus”) you will find our class contract: what are the goals of the course; what I plan to cover; how I plan to assign grades; etc.
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The course text is Thomas' calculus: early transcendentals, 12th ed., by Weir and Hass. Pearson/Addison-Wesley Press, ISBN-13: 978-0-321-62883-1.
Homework assignments will be completed online using MyMathLab (course ID: lauve27565). N.B. The “ebook” accompanying the system has video solutions for several exercises in each chapter.
The successful student will reach beyond the problems assigned in MyMathLab and work numerous additional problems from the text (of varying difficulties!). She may also find some of the following resources useful:
Tutoring Center http://www.luc.edu/tutoring/
Saleski's Calculus http://webpages.math.luc.edu/~ajs/courses/161fall2008/
MIT's Calculus http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mathematics/18-01-single-variable-calculus-fall-2006/
MIT's Calculus http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/mathematics/18-01-single-variable-calculus-fall-2006/
Calc. Videos http://patrickjmt.com
More Calc. Videos http://www.graderocket.tv/
A word on academic integrity: if you are having trouble in this course, you are encouraged to come to office hours, visit the tutoring center, or work in groups. Copying another student's solutions, even if they've just explained it to you, does not display great integrity and could lead to an F in the course and a stain on your permanent record.
Here are some guidelines and hints for writing up your solutions to the group-work problems.


03/27/2012 – Some suggested problems to guide your studying for the next quiz:

  • 3.9/52, 53, 55; 3.10/21, 41, 44; 3.11/12, 16(b,d), 55, 59, 65; 4.1/59, 63, 67, 75, 81, 85; 4.2/29, 35, 41, 55, 59, 61, 65, 69, 71, 75.
  • Consider working the problems on pages 133–181 and 187–207 in "Good Questions".
  • Consider working any and/all of "Questions to Guide Your Review" and "Additional and Advanced Questions" at the end of Chapter 3.

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03/13/2012 – Here are some "Good Questions" to help guide your studying for future quizzes and exams.

03/08/2012 – Two "Challenge" problems are posted in the Course Files below: (1) explain in words the 'proof without words'; and (2) prove the theorem that finds e inside Pascal's Triangle.

03/02/2012 – The Take-Home portion of Exam #1 is posted in the Course Files below. Due: Wednesday, 3/14.

02/26/2012 – Here is a Mathematica notebook for you to play around with. (Also in Course Files below.)

02/23/2012 – Solutions to first three quizzes are posted in the Course Files below.

01/14/2012 – Started preparing for the semester today. Check back next week for more details. In the meantime, set up your MyMathLab account, course ID: lauve27565.

Course Files
Below, you will find groupwork assignments, practice exam problems, and solutions to past quizzes and exams. Important dates are maintained in the Calendar link to the left. Homework assignments and due dates will only be posted within MyMathLab.
Files/Links Description
GW-6(#5) Here is the sixth group worksheet, distributed Friday (04/20).
Due: Problem #5, 04/25
Challenge Prove the theorem asserted herein.
Challenge Explain in your own words this "proof without words."
Ex-1(TakeHome) The take-home portion of your first exam. Due: 03/14
GW-4(#3) Here is the fourth group worksheet, distributed Friday (03/02).
Due: Problem #3, 03/14
Curves A Mathematica notebook for you to play around with.
Qz-3(Solution) Here is your third quiz, with solutions.
Qz-2(Solution) Here is your second quiz, with solutions.
Qz-1(Solution) Here is your first quiz, with solutions.
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GW-3(#3) Here is the third group worksheet, distributed Friday (02/03).
Due: Problem #3, 02/22
GW-2(#4) Here is the second group worksheet, distributed Friday (02/03).
Due: Problem #4, 02/08
GW-1(#4); Soln(#1) Here is the first group worksheet, distributed Friday (01/20), together with an old graded solution to Problem #1. Due: Problem #4, 01/25
Solutions Here is Quiz #1 from a previous semester, with solutions.
Solutions Here is Exam #1 from a previous semester, with solutions.