Aaron Lauve


Increasingly, I find myself using SageMath in my research. Try it, you'll like it!
Last modified: October 2018

Good Places to Start

Contributed Code

  • (v.8.4, 09/2018) New feature: added OrderedMultisetPartitionsIntoSets module.

  • (v.8.3, 08/2018) Improved feature: added new basis to PartitionAlgebra class and additional coercions for BrauerAlgebra class. Used in [preprint]

  • (v.7.2, 05/2016) Improved feature: simplified multi-color plotting and shading in plot module.

  • (v.6.10, 12/2015) New feature: added .adams operator() and .convolution power() methods to the Bialgebras with bases module. Used in [preprint]

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