NDSU Applied Mathematics Seminar - Spring 2010
Loyola University Chicago
Department of Mathematics and Statistics


Time: Thursdays, 4:00PM-4:50PM  
Cuneo Hall - Room 203

Organizers: Marian Bocea and Rafal Goebel

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Thursday, February 2 - RAFAL GOEBEL (Loyola University Chicago) -  Convex, Quasiconvex, and Robustly Quasiconvex Functions
Abstract: There are many ways to generalize the concept of convexity of a function. Quasiconvex functions have convex sublevel sets. All convex functions are quasiconvex, but there are many quasiconvex functions that are not convex: for example, all monotone functions on reals are quasiconvex. Robustly quasiconvex functions maintain quasiconvexity under small additive linear perturbations. This introductory talk will define these, and other generalizations of convexity and present basic properties of classes of functions convex in some generalized sense. Much of the talk is based on joint work with Nick Barron and Bob Jensen.

Thursday, February 9 - ROBERT JENSEN (Loyola University Chicago) - Regularity of free boundary problems

Thursday, February 16 - RAFAL GOEBEL (Loyola University Chicago) -  Convex, Quasiconvex, and Robustly Quasiconvex Envelopes
Abstract: The convex envelope of a function f is the greatest convex function bounded above by f. Similar definitions describe the quasiconvex and the robustly quasiconvex envelope. The talk will review these generalized convexity concepts, introduce the mentioned envelopes, and will try to present partial differential equation characterizations of the envelopes and some approaches to computing them.

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