The Actuarial Profession


Truly one of the most exciting, lucrative and meaningful professions!



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Be An Actuary Website - great resources and information for all about the profession

To assess whether you have the Math Skills for the profession, try the practice exams last link on the above website.

Another excellent website This one

CAS (Casualty Actuarial Society) Website

SOA (Society of Actuaries) Website


To prepare for the Actuarial Exams, check out these resources


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Win a Scholarship to study Actuarial Science at Loyola

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At Loyola University Chicago, we currently offer VEE Actuarial credit to students completing our:

        Applied Regression course (STAT 308/408) offered in the Math Dept.

        Corporate Finance (FINC322)

        Microeconomics course (ECON201)

        Macroeconomics course (ECON202)

More information about VEE credit can be found here


Below is the suggested sequence of courses for the typical 4-year UG student:


This sequence suggested by working actuaries and employers, who also point out that

it is imperative that students work as Actuarial Interns during the summer after 2nd year.


Fall Semester

Spring Semester

1st Year

Math 161 Differential Calculus

Math 162 Integral Calculus;

Stat 203 Statistics (Calculus based)

2nd Year

Math 263 Multivariate Calculus;

Stat 304 Prob/Math Stat I;

Stat 396 Actuarial Review I

Stat 305 Prob/Math Stat II;

Stat 397 Actuarial Review II

3rd Year

Financial Mathematics,

Finance courses

Stat 308 Applied Regression

4th Year

Accounting course(s)