Our Certificate Programs in Actuarial Science and Statistics


Our certificate programs are roughly equivalent to a minor for a FT undergraduate student, but are intended for working individuals, or those looking for a change of careers.  Several students who have pursued the Certificate program in Statistics have then gone on to either complete a BS in Statistics at Loyola or pursue their MS degree in Applied Statistics.


Course requirements can be found at this link.  How long the program takes to complete obviously depends upon which of these courses the student has already taken, and how intensively (FT or PT) the student pursues their studies.  It’s easily possible for students who have already completed the usual one-year calculus sequence to finish the certificate program within one year.


Some courses are offered over the summer, and some only during the academic school year.  Students should check out the schedules of courses listed under “Class Schedules” here. 


As to the costs of the program, our Department does not handle this.  Rather, students should check out this link (under Undergraduate Schools … most students can then go to Arts & Sciences and then under Part Time Tuition).  Part time students need to discuss with the Bursar’s office how to register for classes.


Students who have further questions can email Dr. Tim O’Brien at “tobrie1”.  That last symbol in the quote is the number one, and that should be followed with “@luc.edu”


Updated 4/30/2008.