Resources of Statistics (Prospective, Current, and Former) Students



Students requesting letters of recommendation - I am generally available to provide reference letters for former or current students provided (1) the letters are to be sent directly to the prospective employer or university, (2) I have been supplied with the students personal statement, CV/resume, copy of transcripts (an unofficial copy is acceptable), stamped and addressed envelopes (if appropriate), the address(es) sent to me via email in a MSWord document, deadlines, a reminder of which course(s) the student took with me and the grade(s), and sufficient lead time. Generally, students should request reference letters at least a month before the due date.


Our Undergraduate Programs


Quantitatively oriented students are encouraged to major in Statistics, where they can apply your math skills to solve real-world problems and help affect important decisions. Alternately, students are encouraged to minor in either Statistics or Biostatistics to distinguish themselves especially in medical school applications and careers in psychology. All students are encouraged to consider studies in Actuarial Science. We also have a Certificate Program (which is equivalent to a minor in Statistics) for working individuals and for graduates considering a career change into the field of Statistics. Finally, don not forget to consider our new Masters program in Applied Statistics and Predictive Modelling (click here).


Our Graduate Program


There are currently more jobs for applied statisticians than there are qualified people to take these jobs - this can be witnessed by paging through the job-posting links below. Since applied statisticians use their statistical modeling skills to help decision-makers, medical researchers etc. reach meaningful decisions, they are in tremendous demand. Further, since Chicago has a large void in programs in applied statistics and predictive modelling, Loyola University Chicago has recently launched a new program, and we encourage qualified applicants to apply. Those interested in this new program can read more and apply here.


Job-Related Student Resources - check out these links and the suggestions below


Links at ASA (American Statistical Association)

Statistics jobs listed at University of Florida

Jobs listed at ASA website

More jobs at Analytic Talent


Some advice to MS and BS Statistics students and recent graduates


Students and graduates would be wise to email resumes to

-          area businesses (Allstate, Sears, CNA, AC Nielsen),

-          area and otherwise pharmaceutical companies (Abbott, Abbvie, Tap, Takeda are in the Chicago area),

-          area universities (UIC, Northwestern, U. Chicago, Rush, etc.), and don not forget about the Loyola Medical Center HSC.


Also, a good strategy is to work as a Summer Intern if possible - most of these and other organizations have internship programs in Statistics, but be sure to apply early (December or January).


Jobs can also be found at Biotech companies (Chiron, Genentech, Amgen, etc.).


** Perhaps one of the best places to start is with an entry-level job; these can often be obtained by working for a CRO (Contract Research Organization) or a Consulting Firm, a company which hires you and then facilitates your working at a larger business such as a pharmaceutical company or insurance company; for example, a Google search on the phrase (CRO biostatistics) turned up 100,000 hits! Why not start for example with Smith Hanley or Quintiles


Do not forget the Mayo Clinic, City of Hope, etc. Be creative in your job search!