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Class information is kept current on Sakai. Here is a fairly complete list recently taught courses

Seminars and conferences:

Loyola algebra and combinatorics seminar
Sage days 65 Photo.
ALGECOM (a regional series of one day algebra, geometry and combinatorics conferences)
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Math Teachers' Circle



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Expository notes:

Crystal combinatorics from PBW bases.
Elementary construction of Lusztig's canonical basis (in finite type).
Notes from a learning seminar on quantum groups I ran at MIT, spring 2011.
Notes on Fock space.
Explicit crystal maps between cylindric plane partitions, multi-partitions and multi-segments.
A minus sign that used to annoy me but now I know why it is there (notes on the Jones polynomial).
Constructing the R-matrix from the quasi R-matrix.
When to hold 'em (an introduction to probabilistic game theory through poker). Here is some related Mathematica code.

Slides and notes from research talks:

A quiver variety approach to root multiplicities. Code.
Root multiplicities in rank 3. Preprint. Code.
Peter-Weyl bases, preferred deformations, and Schur-Weyl duality.
Various constructions of (affine) MV polytopes.
Demazure crystals, Kirillov-Reshetikhin crystals and the energy function. FPSAC 2011 extended abstract. Slides.
Affine sl(n) crystals and cylindric partitions (Oregon March 7, 2011).
Realizations of affine sl(n) crystals (given in Korea Sept 2009, and at MIT Oct 2009).
The half twist. Slides , Pictures.

Slides and notes from Acive Learning presentations:

Musings on SEMINAL at Loyola Chicago Slides , Precalc Invesitgation, Calc Invesitgation, Linear algebra Invesitgation


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